The show that I spent months coordinating, planning and designing took place on August 10th, 2016, from 9:30am-3:00pm at the Desert Diamond Casino and Hotel.

1,350 customers in attendance.

60 of our top vendors participating.

Raffles, prizes, contests, promotional items, delicious food, live music and a hosted cocktail hour made for loads of fun! See below for all the details.



You're Invited!

Customers had the option of registering for free either physically using our perforated invitations, or online using Google Forms prior to the show.

Vendor Participation Forms

All Vendors participating in the Food Show were required to fill out the forms below. The 2016 Marketing Plan is on the left, allowing Vendors to pick their food show booth size, along with other marketing goodies. On the right is the Allowances Form, where Vendors tell us which food items are marked down for show-goers.

Food Show Layout

Vendors shared the space comfortably with each other and our customers. Organizing the floor map just so, I made sure every vendor was located where they wanted to be, and that there was some wiggle room for any last minute changes.


5 weeks prior to the show, customers recieved weekly e-blasts that detailed reasons to come to the show and what to expect while there.

Social Media

I created a Facebook event of the Customer Appreciation Show to further the reach, and posted daily about what to expect, what our Vendors bring to the table, and how to register. During this time, Social Media activity was up 85% than the months prior.

Show Book

Each customer recieved a Show Book upon arrival to the show. This book listed every discounted item from each Vendor participating.

Merit Foods Employee Shirts

In order to look uniform at the Show, we ordered matching shirts. Each employee recieved a grey and blue shirt, blue was to be worn to the show. The Merit Foods logo is on the sleeve instead of on the breast--adding a bit of unique flare to the look!

Promotional Bags

Customers received a Promotional Bag at registration before entering the show. It was filled with Merit Foods goodies: wine keys, koozies, car chargers, clipboards, steel soap, etc. Promotional items were picked and designed by me, and provided and printed by Southwest Solutions in Tucson, AZ.

^^ examples of social media posts using promotional items leading up to the show

^^ examples of social media posts using promotional items leading up to the show

VIP Promotional Item

10 of our top customers received a German steel Santoku knife from Magnets USA, which was customized with their name on the handle and the Merit Foods logo on the blade.


Several informative banners were printed and placed around the venue for an easy breakdown of the day.


We held our Raffle 3 times throughout the show--I picked prizes that included Flat Screen TVs, iPads, Surround Sound Systems, University of Arizona Coolers, Speakers, Gift Cards, Kitchen Appliances and more!

Snapchat Selfie Competition

I organized a Snapchat Selfie Competition to give customers a fun way to win money, and for Merit to gain more social media attention. I created a personalized "Geo-Filter" for the show, and encouraged guests to take photos using it. See below for all the details, and the winner reveal!

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 1.05.26 PM.png

Vendor Booth Competition

As an added competition to encourage our vendors to create great displays, we let the customers pick who had the Best Decorated Booth. Congratulations to Amerifresh | Snoboy for winning the majority customer's vote for "Best Decorated Booth" , thus winning 500$ cash and our Ruby Marketing Plan. Bravo!

Hosted Cocktail Hour with Live Music

Near the end of our Show, guests were each given 2 Free Drink Tickets, good for any premium drink priced up to 6$.

During the Cocktail Hour, a very talented group of young musicians from Tucson, booked by yours truly, played a great Jazz concert!

Portfolio Piece

More Food Show Photography (see ALL the photos on the Merit Foods Facebook page!)